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Just got married or into a civil partnership? Get a Postnuptial Agreement today.

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Just got married or into a civil partnership? Get a Postnuptial Agreement.

Set out exactly how assets should be distributed between you and your partner

A Postnuptial Agreement or a postnup is a written document produced after a couple gets married or into a civil union.

The purpose of this agreement is to state the couple’s affairs and assets in case of a future divorce, focusing on the rights each partner has.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Postnuptial Agreement

The agreement is extremely important for couples that recently got into a civil union. The document will describe the assets that the couple has together, such as money, properties or any investments.

The postnup also sets out how these assets will be assigned between you and your partner if the marriage ends.

The Postnup agreement will protect you and your assets in case of divorce. The document gives you a clear idea of your rights and how to preserve the capital you had before marriage.

A postnup agreement aims to set and clarify what will happen to your assets if the marriage breaks down. To produce such a document, the parties should agree on what would happen to jointly assets, properties, pensions, and investments.


If you have children, you should also add in the agreement provisions for child maintenance or what could happen in case your relationship comes to an end.

The agreement needs to be updated every year or so. Most importantly, any major changes need to be included on the document, these being, children born or purchase of new assets.

Once the agreement is in place, changes can be done at any time, but both parties need to agree on such.

Just as with prenups, postnups are not currently legally binding in England and Wales. However, courts could uphold a prenup agreement if it is fair, following on holding a postnup as well if needed.


To have a compelling document, you and your partner must receive independent legal advice, properly disclose your assets, and all terms should be fair.

Couples choose to place their postnuptial agreement for safety reasons, regarding their future and their rights in the marriage and assets.

Why choose Ackroyd Legal solicitors for your Postnup Agreement?

We have specialised Family Law solicitors that will take care of you and your partner, bearing in mind your rights, what you own before getting married, and your acquisitions after the relationship. 

Our solicitors are experts in Postnuptial Agreements and if you require any help, do get in touch through our inquiry form. We’ll devote the time to understand your priorities and advise you through the agreement process.

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