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Planning on getting married? Prepare your Prenuptial Agreement today.

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Planning on getting married? Prepare your Prenuptial Agreement today.

Make an advanced agreement before getting married

A prenuptial, or prenup agreement is a drafted document containing the agreement between two people before they get married.

Usually, the testimony is relevant for couples who have a significant disparity in income or capital. It lists properties that each one owns before the legal commitment and also specifies the rights that each individual will have in case of divorce or death.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Prenuptial Agreement

Ideally, both parties should do the prenuptial agreement before they get married.

In essence, this agreement is important as it states the assets owned separately of each individual, before the civil relationship, and that the other individual can not claim on the behalf of the partner in case something happens.

The agreement consists of stating any properties or money that a person owns before they get married, as well as stocks, pensions or even inheritance.

The document should also include what will happen to their assets in the event of divorce or death.

We recommend that both parties seek legal advice and prepare for full acknowledgment of their respective position before signing the document. 

Terms and agreements must be done precisely, clear, and with as many details as possible.

Currently, in England and Wales, these agreements are not legally binding, but in most cases, they can be held in court as judges can use in cases of divorce if they meet the qualifying criteria.

For your peace of mind, seek legal advice today to see whether you need a prenuptial agreement before committing to a legal civil relationship.

Why choose Ackroyd Legal for your Prenup Agreement?

We have specialized Family Law solicitors that will take care of you and your partner, bearing in mind your rights, what you owned before getting married and your acquisitions once you got into a relationship.

Our Prenuptial Agreements expert solicitors are on hand and if you require any help, do get in touch through our inquiry form. We’ll devote the time to understand your priorities and advise you through the agreement process.

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