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Here at Ackroyd Legal, we are committed to excellence in the practice of law. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable solicitors are able to cater to our clients’ needs; no matter their experience in the industry.

We maintain the highest standard of advice and guidance and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of your legal matters. We hope you will choose Ackroyd Legal.

Emon Ahmed
CEO, Ackroyd Legal

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Are you a student? Or a partner in a law firm and are considering an exit strategy? We can help you.

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Practice mergers and acquisitions

Over the last 4 years, Ackroyd Legal Group has merged and acquired with firms bringing together 11 Law Firms nationwide. The group made up of firms previously known as: Stirling Ackroyd Legal, Hutchins & Co Solicitors, Adams Law, David Ebert, Royce & Co, Verbatim Property Solicitors, Gordon Daniel Solicitors, ML Law, Spencer Lockwood and Buks Law.

In joining the Ackroyd Legal Family, we strive to take away the risks of running a business and provide you a platform to reap the rewards of running a growing brand. Through our flexible mergers and acquisition strategy, we are able to relieve you from the burden of overheads such as rent, salaries and insurance, while granting you full access to our nationwide sales and marketing team.

Ackroyd Legal brings together firms of all different ages, expertise, and practice areas. The group’s specialist practice areas include a plethora of both business and personal advisory services which include: commercial and residential property, litigation and dispute resolution, family wills and probate, and a strong corporate team. With offices all over the UK and over 150 employees Ackroyd Legal are setup with efficient working methods derived from using the latest technology intertwined with our solicitors’ expert legal knowledge and the installation of a client services team which allow us to provide incredible service to all our clients.

We understand that problems with cash flow, lack of technological advancement, competition and aggressive compliance changes have left many firms struggling, this before the viral surprise of COVID-19, which has only exacerbated these issues. If you are the principle of your practice or a group of equity partners facing this trouble, here at Ackroyd Legal we are here to welcome you into the family with open arms.

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