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Product Liability/Claims

The law of product liability is designed to protect consumers. There is a legal duty placed upon manufacturers and businesses involved in the production of consumer goods to ensure that these are safe. Similar obligations extend to distributors and retailers, as liability is not limited to the manufacturers alone.

How we can help

At Ackroyd Legal, we have a thorough understanding of the law relating to product liability. If you have suffered injury, harm or financial loss as a result of using a product that was defective and unsafe, we can help you to claim the compensation that you deserve.

Legal responsibilities of manufacturers

Product liability law places a number of legal responsibilities upon manufacturers when it comes to the production of goods for consumer consumption. These duties also apply to those involved in importing the goods and to anyone whose actions may alter the safety of a product, for example by servicing or customising it.

For distributors and retailers, there is a legal duty not to supply any products that are unsafe, and this may also apply if the retailer should have known that the item was unsafe.

Affected by an unsafe or faulty product?

If you have been affected by using an unsafe product and have suffered injury or financial loss that was not your fault, the product liability specialists at Ackroyd Legal can help you to claim the compensation that will help you to move on with your life. As well as claiming for the harm or injury suffered, it may also be possible to claim for loss or damage to property that was caused by the defective product or goods

Whatever the situation, the team at Ackroyd Legal will be very happy to help you. Please contact us for more information on product liability.

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