Franchising is a strategy adopted by an increasing number of businesses as another route of expansion.

This is done through a process which involves the franchising body contracting to a franchisee under a franchiser license allowing the legal use of its:

Franchisee Agreement

In return, the franchisee enters into an agreement obligatory them to adhere to specific rules and obligations according to the franchisers instructions. There are many benefits to franchising for both parties involved. For a franchisor it offers an opportunity to expand their business outside of the typical corporate-owned outlets known as “chain stores”, this limits the capital investment and liability risk involved in the distribution of goods and services. They sell the “rights” to their business for a percentage in royalties.

Established Business Model

Balance of Power

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The franchisee has access to an already established business model and system with its networks, and it comes cheaper than starting and running their brand from the ground up as they are buying already established goods and services.

However, the power balance between franchisee and franchisor is not equal with the initial owner having the right to change services, brand logo and voice and marketing strategies. 

The process of selling and acquiring a franchise could be both long and costly, especially if proper market research has not been done, and the right conditions do not apply. At Ackroyd Legal, our team of commercially aware solicitors work closely with their clients to ensure they are efficiently utilising the opportunities available to them. They work tirelessly to negotiate the best deal so to your satisfaction with your best interest at heart. 

Our panel of solicitors represents their clients to ensure their legal rights are met and adhered to in a transparent transaction process. They work relentlessly to obtain the best price in selling or buying the franchise of your choice. With enough combined market experience, you can trust that adequate market research will be conducted to your satisfaction with your interests at heart.

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Franchising is a strategy adopted by an increasing number of businesses as another route of expansion…

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