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Business Disputes and Litigation

Business disputes can become complicated, and matters may escalate very quickly. Whether you are bringing a claim against another party, or if you have to defend a claim that is being brought against your business, our expert litigation solicitors are here to help you.

What if you are owed money?

A civil action arising from a business dispute will usually occur because the claimant feels that they are owed money by the defendant, and there is a vast array of circumstances that may give rise to this situation.

Breach of contract

Litigation in relation to a business dispute may commonly be brought due to an alleged breach of contract, however, there are many other potential causes as well, including breach of trust, dishonest assistance, knowing receipt and the misappropriation of funds.

When to take legal action

If something has gone wrong and you are considering taking legal action in relation to a business dispute, or if you are facing the prospect of having legal proceedings brought against your company, it is vital to obtain expert legal advice. The corporate law specialists at Ackroyd Legal hold many years’ diverse experience covering all aspects of corporate law and business disputes, and it is quite likely that we will have encountered a similar situation before.

We look after your interests

Whatever the circumstances, we will look after your interests and those of your business, providing a service that is both high-quality and cost-effective. We are also experts in the methods of alternative dispute resolution, which can often prove to be a much quicker and more cost-effective way of resolving business disputes. Whatever the circumstances of your case, we will advise you on the best course of action, based on your individual situation.

For more information on our range of services in relation to the resolution of business disputes, please contact us, and a member of the team will be very happy to help.

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