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Our team has acted across a broad range of disputes for individuals and businesses both nationally and internationally. Our depth of experience spans the whole life cycle of a dispute and includes:

  • · Risk management, mitigation and dispute avoidance;
  • · Negotiated resolution of disputes;
  • · Dispute resolution strategies;
  • · Litigation conducted in the courts of England and Wales;
  • · The conduct of appeals in the appellate courts of England and Wales; and
  • · Dispute resolution through arbitration.

Our team is comprised of experienced lawyers who are sensitive to the demands and practicalities that disputes cause to those that become involved in them. Our approach is always informed by achieving the most cost effective and expedient outcomes for those who trust us to resolve their complex issues in trying circumstances.

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Examples of the disputes our clients encounter

Examples of the disputes our clients encounter

The majority of us take steps to protect our wealth and other assets throughout our lives. But it’s just as important to ensure that they are protected from death.

It’s not something we like to think about, but getting your affairs in order now, will ensure your wishes are met, allowing you to provide for you family and loved ones.

Specialised Legal Assistance: Wills and Probate Services

Our experienced team of specialist Wills and Probate solicitors will work with you to ensure that your assets and wealth are passed on to those you have chosen. We’ll also help you to ensure that your estate is inherited in the way you want.

Planning for your death is never easy, but it’s essential. Let us help.

Comprehensive Support for Various Entities

Acting for individuals, partnerships, trusts, companies, investors, and financial institutions, our  solicitors have a wealth of experience working with clients across London, the UK, and internationally.

Understanding Wills and Probate

A Will is a legal statement specifying how your wealth will be managed after your death. Probate is the legal process that takes place in order to manage the estate of someone who has died. It is a complex matter and each case is unique, so it’s vital you find the right support.

We are regularly instructed in relation to disputes between businesses that arise out of commercial agreements involving:

  1. The sale of goods;
  2. The sale of businesses;
  3. The supply of services and interruption and disturbance to commercial interests arise outside of contractual relationships which often include elements of fraud.

We are adept at dealing with scenarios that are factually complex, where damages are substantial, and recourse to the High Court and the specialist lists within it become unavoidable. We also have significant experience of obtaining interim remedies n the context of commercial disputes to preserve assets with a view to preventing existing or future dissipation.

However, we are flexible, open and available to find ways of providing input to clients to assist them in resolving disputes of whatever nature by tailoring the scope of what we do in order to make the biggest and most effective impact.

Examples of the disputes our clients encounter

Intra business disputes

Unfortunately, those running businesses often must face a scenario where those who sit alongside them can grow to be the most significant barrier to commercial success. These disputes can often be the most destructive and personally burdensome that any businessperson may face.

Our assistance is regularly sought to assist clients in drawing a line under disputes that arise within businesses themselves. We are highly experienced in assisting clients with:

  1. The preparation of constitutional documents or agreements to give clarity to the conduct of a business’s internal affairs with a view to creating mechanisms to smooth future transitions of leaders and stakeholders to and from businesses;
  2. Negotiating exists of directors or shareholders from companies and of members from limited liability partnerships;
  3. The exit of partners from partnerships and the orderly dissolution and reconstitution of partnerships thereafter;
  4. Resolving disputes between shareholders of companies through mediation or through court action where allegations of unfairly prejudicial conduct have arisen; and
  5. Acting on behalf of individuals who seek to recover loss or damages on behalf of a company itself that have arisen from the conduct of its directors.

Examples of the disputes our clients encounter

Anti money laundering and the proceeds of crime – Restraint Orders, Confiscation and Civil Recovery

The Ackroyd disputes team has significant expertise in actions conducted by law enforcement agencies and other Government bodies that arise from the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the legislative anti-money laundering framework in place in England and Wales.

We act for individuals and businesses who have been subject to criminal restraint orders. We also act for individuals and businesses subject to a variety of civil freezing orders obtained under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 that have been imposed because of direct or indirect interaction with assets alleged to be the fruits of criminally unlawful conduct.

Additionally, we assist businesses and individuals who have additional proceedings taken against them for the recovery of assets by providing assertive defences where the evidence and circumstances allow and providing advice on bespoke and discreet settlement strategies as appropriate.

We achieve our clients ends in several ways including:

  1. Advising on the conduct of due diligence with a view to preventing issues arising;
  2. Carrying out external audits to stress test internal procedures and advising on issues of self-reporting and disclosure;
  3. Challenging criminal restraint and civil freezing orders;
  4. Seeking variations to criminal restraint and civil freezing orders to support cashflow and minimise business and persona interruption; and
  5. Defending recovery proceedings through the cycle of the preparation of written defences, disclosure, the preparation of evidence and the conduct of trials.

Civil Recovery proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act are increasingly and especially being used by the National Crime Agency, the Regional Organised and Economic Crime Units of the UK’s police forces, the Director of Public Prosecutions and HMRC to recover assets obtained through

alleged unlawful conduct. We advise and assist in all stages of the civil recovery process in this little-known and often indiscriminate area of law.

Examples of the disputes our clients encounter

Our experience with real and leasehold property disputes includes:

  1. Resolving disputes between owners of real and leasehold property and their business or residential tenants;
  2. Managing relationships between owners and tenants at the end of leasehold terms;
  3. Determining the true legal and beneficial ownership of real and leasehold property and having that ownership recognised; and
  4. Restoring legal and beneficial ownership of real and leasehold estate following an individual or business being unlawfully deprived of it.

We are frequently instructed to deal both with disputes involving interests in individual properties and concurrent disputes involving multiple properties at the same time. We always aim to deliver value, to work in a cost-effective manner and to maintain a sensitivity to all parties with an interest in the resolution of any dispute.

Examples of the disputes our clients encounter

Privacy, Defamation and Reputation

We can act in matters where publication of unwanted material is threatened by the traditional press or on the internet at large. If necessary, we will take steps by way of written warnings or swift court injunctions to prevent publication. When we are instructed post publication we can take steps to seek removal of the offending material, an apology and/or retraction and, where appropriate, obtain compensation and a contribution to legal costs. Where privacy has been breached we can assist in threatening legal action against the offending party and/or make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office.


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