‘Whistleblowing’ simply means reporting wrongdoing that has occurred in the workplace, for example, something that you may have witnessed. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, discriminated against or dismissed for ‘whistleblowing’, our employment law solicitors will be able to help you.

and it is important to understand your rights in doing so. The law protects you from detrimental treatment because you have been a ‘whistleblower’, and if you are dismissed for this reason, your dismissal will be considered automatically unfair and you could be entitled to compensation.

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You can report past incidents as well as situations that are occurring at the present time or that you believe will take place in the future. In order to be protected by law, the disclosure that you wish to make must be in the public interest. This means that others are affected by it.

  • The reporting of a criminal offence or of lawbreaking
  • The reporting of a miscarriage of justice
  • The reporting of health and safety issues
  • The reporting of environmental damage or the risk of damage

You are protected by law if you are an employee, a trainee or an agency worker, and there is no minimum period of service in this area of employment law.

Our specialist employment solicitors will be able to help you if you are considering making a disclosure regarding your employer. We can help you to ascertain whether the information that you hold constitutes a protected disclosure and advise you on how to go about reporting what you know. Fill in the form on this page or call 0204 586 0715.

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