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The biggest challenges faced in Civil Litigation is the cost of proceedings. A lot of parties on both sides of an issue would rather avoid the hassle of lengthy, time consuming and oftentimes expensive court proceedings. This is where ADR is most effective. As an alternative to litigation ADR offers a different path to settling civil, commercial and contractual disputes that is recognised by the courts and saves both parties from damaging implication on their reputation and businesses.

What is ADR?

Alternative disputes resolution is an effective method of dissolving disputes outside of a courtroom. Our specialised lawyers determine the best solution for our clients, as coming to a resolution before litigation is both cost effective and helps maintain healthy commercial and personal relationships.

The reasons for why disputes of any form arise is wide and varying, however the effect of it can be traumatising for both parties, especially in contractual disputes where the outcome could be unfavourable. We understand not all clients are willing to undertake the daunting, often damaging, route of litigation and court proceedings which is the reason we offer an alternative path to litigation through our dispute’s resolution services.

The great thing about ADR is the flexibility it provides to undertake different paths in getting the right result. There are 3 main ways Ackroyd Legal utilises ADR:


This is a preeminent mode of dispute resolution, usually the first step taken in order to settle a dispute. Negotiation as a dominant method allows both parties to meet and discuss solutions to the issue. A key feature of this step is that the parties themselves are in control of the process.


Mediation is one of the two most common forms of dispute resolution. Like negotiation it is an informal alternative to litigation. Mediation is when a mediator, someone who is trained in negotiations, brings both parties together to reach an outcome that both parties have the freedom to reject or accept. The difference between negotiation and mediation is the addition of an individual whereas in negotiations it is only the opposing parties who are present.


Arbitration is a simplified version of a trial in which a dispute is submitted to an arbitrator who makes a binding decision on a dispute. Prior to the arbitration stage both parties enter into an agreement with an arbitration clause explaining the major terms and conditions for the process. This includes the number of arbitrators, arbitration forum, arbitration rules and anything else pertaining to the process.

How Can We Be of Assistance?

We provide strategic advice that will look to protect your rights, interests and reputation. We have experience in reaching a preferred resolution in a wide range of business situations, catering to a varied set of business types and sizes.

Our disputes resolution department consists of a team of dedicated Solicitors who work relentlessly to find a solution best suited to you, through their combined knowledge and expertise. We always seek the most effective method to ensure the dispute is managed successfully. Finally, we explore all possible avenues with ADR being at the forefront of services offered.

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