Drugs offences will vary in severity, depending on the nature of the substances involved and what the accused person either did or intended to do with them. Criminal offences in relation to illegal drugs include possession, possession with intent to supply, importation, exploration and production.

Due to the serious nature of drug offences and the severity of the sentences that may be imposed if you or a member of your family is convicted, it is essential to seek skilled and experienced legal advice and representation immediately. Whatever the circumstances, if you or a member of your family are facing questioning or a charge of a drugs offence, Ackroyd Legal will be able to help you.

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Criminal offences in relation to Class A drugs are considered to be very serious, carrying the possible sentence of life imprisonment upon conviction, depending on the circumstances. You may also receive an unlimited fine.

Although many of these substances are generally considered to be less dangerous than the Class A drugs, the penalties may still be life-changing for the whole family. Upon conviction of a drugs offence in this category, you may be handed a prison sentence of up to 14 years, as well as a fine.

The criminal defence specialists at Ackroyd Legal will be able to provide the advice, representation and support that you need. We will look at all of the evidence and advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence against you, building the strongest possible defence with a view to achieving the best possible outcome. We also understand the distress and uncertainty that facing criminal charges in relation to a drugs offence can bring upon you and your family, and we will work tirelessly to minimise this impact as matters progress, keeping you fully informed at all times.

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