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We remain firmly at the forefront of the ever-evolving property market, within the heart of the capital and throughout the UK. Our property finance experts hold a full and thorough understanding of finance, securities, what the lender is likely to require and the most effective ways that such demands can be met.

We advise on matters involving land, residential property, commercial premises, mixed-use buildings, developments, offices and student accommodation. Our property solicitors regularly represent high net-worth individuals in all aspects of multi-million-pound transactions, including the often-complex financial elements. We offer a complete and comprehensive service, encompassing ongoing advice, the drafting of all documentation and providing robust representation whenever necessary.

Our wide expertise covers all of the following areas:

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Just like the world of property, the lending market continues to develop, and we have seen practices  tightened during recent years, meaning that the process can now be a little more complex for borrowers and lenders alike. It is therefore essential to have the right level of legal support, in order to effectively negotiate the landscape surrounding property finance and manage your securities to minimise risk and achieve the desired outcome within the right timescale.

We will work in partnership with you to gain a thorough understanding of your current position and long-term commercial objectives, providing sound and practical advice on the best way to proceed. We will often foresee and effectively deal with potential obstacles before they arise and will represent your interests throughout the transaction to ensure that this process runs smoothly.

Whatever the situation, the property finance specialists at Ackroyd Legal can navigate every aspect of the transaction towards completion, ensuring that your interests are protected throughout this process and beyond.

If a project is experiencing difficulties, it is essential to obtain legal advice at the earliest opportunity, in order to limit any damage arising from this situation and ensure the protection of your interests and securities to the greatest possible degree.

We have many years of combined experience in turning situations around where projects have encountered problems or developments have stalled. We will take a creative approach, with a view to finding and applying the right solution in order to manage the assets involved and reach the best possible outcome.

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Social Housing

Our team of solicitors specialising in social housing offer advice, representation and unrivalled…

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Section 24: The Tenant Tax

Section 24 was announced in the Summer Budget of 2015 and introduced on 6th April 2017…

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Purchasing and Extending Leases

For landlords, we will provide a fixed-fee service for the granting of commercial leases…

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Purchases, Sales & Acquisitions

Commercial conveyancing is the legal process that is undertaken by your solicitor in any business…

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Property Development

Our specialist property solicitors have many years’ combined experience in the law…

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Finance and Lending

Our team of experts can help you and your business with all areas of corporate finance…

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Asset Management

Financial and asset management requires dedicated, effective coordination in order to achieve maximum potential…

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Bridging Finance Law

Bridging finance can in some circumstances represent an ideal short-term funding opportunity for companies….

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Commercial Lease Extension

In many cases, both landlord and tenant will wish to work towards lease extension…

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Portfolio Asset Management

At Ackroyd Legal, our commercial property law specialists hold unrivalled levels of legal and industry expertise…

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Planning and the Law

Possession claims arise when a landlord or stakeholder is forced to take possession of a property…

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Our team of property experts hold between a truly unrivalled level of experience in investment property….

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Property Finance

As an established property law firm, Ackroyd Legal offers a full range of legal services relating to property finance…

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We are proud to offer a full and comprehensive service from start to finish, including providing sound and practical legal advice…

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Landlord & Tenant Law

We act for both landlords and tenants in providing advice and representation on commercial tenancies…

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