Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Shareholders Agreements


Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Shareholders Agreements

A shareholders agreement is an agreement among the shareholders about the directional growth of a business and may include the provisions required for certain shareholder disputes or general disputes.

The shareholder’s agreement will naturally take precedence over the other agreements such as the article association held at the company. Therefore it is essential a shareholders agreement drawn correctly and carefully in as much detail as possible.

Settling Disputes

A well-written document acts as a guide for a procedure on issues and events which may occur in the future. A shareholders agreement should be used to seek to settle disputes between shareholders and directors as quickly as possible and limit problems arising in the future. In essence, it should remove shareholders from being in a deadlock with the company.

Partnerships are used analogously with shareholder agreements with a slight difference. While they may function in a similar; it expresses and manages the expectations of the partners in the partnership.

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A shareholder agreement can be used to clarify many aspects of the shareholders’ relationship with the company directors, including:

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A joint venture is a business arrangement between two parties agreeing to combine their resources for the specific purpose of fulfilling a task. The investment is its entity, separate from the participants’ other business interests, and each participant is responsible for profits, losses, and costs associated with it.

Ackroyd Legal has a team of dedicated solicitors who are adept at drafting a shareholders agreement and partnership agreements offering pragmatic advice, an actionable plan to reflect all your wishes and plans for your business or venture. Our panel of solicitors have significant experience in drafting agreements and can help from the beginning of a business or during its growth period.

Although there is no clearly defined legal obligation placed upon companies to put shareholder agreements in place, in practice these are vital for the smooth running of your business, in the context of achieving your strategic goals.

Shareholder agreements serve to clarify voting rights and set down the mechanisms for dispute resolution. They provide an essential safety net for everyone holding an interest in your company, and well-drafted and effective shareholder agreements are a mark of a well-run organisation, which is always an attractive prospect where investors are concerned.

Because every company is unique, the shareholder agreements will need to be carefully and specifically drafted, in order to take into account, the needs and circumstances in each individual case. Ackroyd Legal is a large law firm based in the city of London.

Our dedicated team of business and company solicitors will work with you to understand the specific nature of your business, in terms of company dynamics, growth potential and long-term goals. We will then draft the shareholder agreement according to the needs, purpose and strategic aims of your company. We offer a bespoke service that is always tailored to meet your company’s needs, with the aim of putting in place a structure that will ensure the smooth running of your business as you move forward. For more information on the services that we offer in relation to shareholder agreements, please contact us without obligation, and we will be very happy to help you.

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Partnerships, Joint Ventures & Shareholders Agreements

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