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Professional Negligence

Professional negligence

Everyone has to rely on professional services relating to all aspects of life, including to deal with legal and financial affairs. If you have been let down as a result of professional negligence this can cause a lot of distress, and you may even be left considerably out-of-pocket as a result. The specialist litigation solicitors at Ackroyd Legal will handle your case with skill and professionalism, since we have many years’ combined experience in this area of law.

What is professional negligence?

Professional negligence can arise when the conduct of a professional falls below the required standard. A ‘professional’ means someone who has certain skills and expertise in providing a particular service, for example a doctor, solicitor or accountant. If they have fallen below the required standard in providing such specialist services, and the client has suffered loss or damage as a result, this may give rise to a claim for professional negligence. The professional has a duty of care to carry out their duties with a reasonable standard of care and skill, and if they fail to meet the standard that any reasonable person would expect in the circumstances, they may be liable for professional negligence.

Our professional negligence services include, but are not limited to:

All parties to litigation for professional negligence are now encouraged to use methods of alternative dispute resolution with a view to avoiding going to court; this will usually be time-saving and considerably less expensive. There are specific protocols that will apply depending on the nature of your case, for example a different protocol will be followed in an action against an accountant than in an action involving errors made by an architect. If the defendant is willing to settle the case with a mutually-agreed amount of compensation, they will have the opportunity to do so during this process, and it is worth remembering that in the vast majority of cases the professional will have insurance. If no settlement is reached or if the defendant refuses to admit liability, then court proceedings may begin; however your specialist professional negligence solicitor at Ackroyd Legal will look after your interests and provide clear advice and guidance to get to resolution.

Remedies in cases of professional negligence

The awards of the court will vary according to the circumstances of your case, but may include:

Our specialist litigation solicitors are always on your side and we will ensure that you are not let down again. We will fully explain all aspects of bringing a claim for professional negligence and keep you fully updated throughout. Many cases do not go to court, as settlement is reached at an earlier stage. We will be by your side every step of the way and will fight your case whilst looking after your interests to achieve the right outcome for you. we are on your side, and we will not let you down. Whatever has happened, please contact us and we will be very happy to help put things right.

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