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In English law, data protection is governed by the Data Protection Act 2018. 

Data protection law refers to the use of personal data, meaning any information that could be used to identify another person, such as: 

– Their name

– Address 

– Delivery information 

– IP address

– Human resources or payroll details about your employees

The data protection law specialists at Ackroyd Legal have diverse expertise in this area and will provide ongoing advice and support to help you to ensure that your legal obligations are always fully met. It is likely that we will already have encountered many scenarios before; and will often foresee potential conflicts before they arise.

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Whatever the nature of your business and the scope of your commercial activities, we will provide a tailored service package to protect both your interests and the privacy of your consumer base. We offer a fully comprehensive service and will keep you fully updated on new developments in data protection law, as well as of changes occurring within the regulatory landscape that may have an impact on your activities. We will provide ongoing legal advice and guidance on all aspects of the collection and exploitation of personal data and ongoing risk management. 

It is essential to ensure full compliance with data protection law to avoid incurring liability, which could prove to be extremely damaging to you and to the reputation of your brand. We will draft a data protection policy that is specific to your business needs, and also offer training and continuing professional development to your staff team as part of our service package in relation to data protection law and compliance.

Data protection law is a complex and rapidly-evolving area. It affects all aspects of how your business handles personal data, and there are tighter rules in place for more sensitive information, such as details relating to a person’s race, ethnic background, political opinion or gender identity. Virtually all businesses will now handle employee and customer data to some degree, depending on the scope of their activities.

As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, companies have quickly become aware of the value that data has the potential to offer. However, businesses also have considerable legal obligations in the way that they use information relating to employees as well as their customers. 

It is dangerously easy for staff members to accidentally breach these rules without even realising it. Having the right level of legal support is crucial, to ensure the preservation of your business and your reputation, as well as the privacy of your client base.

Data protection law is of optimum importance against the UK’s fast-moving business sector. It is also an essential aspect of your marketing strategy and brand identity because customer loyalty depends on having a brand that they can trust, and a reputation for looking after data and protecting their privacy is an essential aspect of this. A breach of data protection law, whatever the circumstances, could cause catastrophic damage to your business and your brand.

Anyone that is responsible for handling the personal data of others must follow a strict set of data protection law principles, which include, but are by no means limited to the following key points:

If you receive a written request from an individual asking for details of the personal information that your company holds, you are required to supply this as soon as possible, or in most cases within one month at the latest. In complex cases, this may take up to an additional two months. However, you must still respond before the one-month deadline and provide reasons for this delay. There are limited circumstances in which information may be withheld, for example in matters relating to the investigation of a crime or national security.

If someone has concerns about the way that you or your business have treated their data, they have the right to register a complaint and may be looking to claim compensation. If you do become aware of such an investigation into your activities, it is essential to seek legal advice as soon as possible, and our data protection solicitors will be able to provide the guidance and support that you need.

Whatever the situation, we will explain your rights as well as those of the other party. We will provide robust representation to reach the best possible outcome and minimise the impact upon you, your business and your unique brand identity.

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