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Intellectual Property Experts

We firmly believe that these valuable pieces of property should be given the same protection as material possessions.

Our dedicated team of IP experts will help you secure the ownership of your intellectual property. Whether you need advice on copyright, trade secrets, patents, or any other area of IP, we can help.

We’re ready and waiting to help businesses of all sizes, across all industries and sectors, protect and manage their intellectual property.

What is Intellectual Property law?

Intellectual Property law protects the rights of original work and creations, such as literature, fictional characters, designs, and original artwork.

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Why Ackroyd Legal?

We’re committed to delivering the highest level of service, alongside fair, honest, and professional advice. Our job is to make your life easier, at every stage of the process. We’re ready to help you with any aspect of intellectual property law.

Here are just some of the reasons to choose Ackroyd Legal for your intellectual property requirements:

Intellectual Property Experts

We have a global reputation for providing first-class IP legal services. Providing pragmatic yet innovative approach, we’ll help you protect your intellectual assets and resolve any contentious disputes.

We put you first

From the moment you get in touch, we put you first. Our skilled and experienced team of intellectual property experts will work hard to find the best solution for you and deliver the best possible outcome.

Communication is key

We listen to your needs, and we keep you in the loop at every stage of the process. When you work with us, you’ll be introduced to your own case handler, who will ensure are kept informed. They’ll always be on hand if you need them.

Fixed fees

When you work with Ackroyd Legal, you pay a single, fixed fee. There’s no hidden costs or unexpected charges. We’ll provide you with a fixed quote before we start work and ensure you understand exactly what you’ll be paying, and what you’ll receive in return.

How we can help

Our Intellectual Property Services

Find out more about our Intellectual Property Services:

Copyright law protects your original work and prohibits others from using it without permission. We can help you with any copyright issues, ensuring you remain compliant, prevent infringement, and protect your creative work.

To protect the name of your product, brand, or service, you’ll need to register it as a trademark. We can help you register your trademark, handling any complexities on your behalf. So you can focus on running your business.

Whether you’re a start-up, market leader, or challenger brand, we’ll help you protect your valuable assets. We’ll advise you on patent issues, helping you to identify and protect your business interests.

We provide and full acquisition and licensing service, covering the acquisition, protection, and exploitation of IP. Our team of acquisition and licensing experts boast a breadth of experience, allowing them to secure the best possible outcome for your business.

Data Protection Solutions

Our data protection experts can provide ongoing advice and specialist support, ensuring that your legal obligations are met, and protecting your interests as well as your customers’ privacy.

We’re proud to support innovation and creativity. Experts in design protection law, we’ll help to protect and assert your design rights – reaching the right outcome with minimum costs.

Your domain name is a core part of your brand identity. We’ll use our IP expertise to ensure that your legal rights and brand identity are fully protected.

Malicious Falsehood laws will protect you from untrue statements being made about your company, resulting in loss or damage. Whether you’re making a claim or being claimed against, we’ll help you reach the best possible outcome.

If someone has caused serious harm to your reputation by making false statements about your company, brand or products, resulting in financial loss, you could claim for defamation. Our defamation specialists will be able to help.

We hold unrivalled expertise in this complex, new, and fast-developing area of law. We can help you navigate disputes relating to database rights, providing clear and practical advice.

Our IP specialists will help ensure that your valuable commercial assets are protected from exploitation. And, if a breach does occur, we’ll act fast to minimize the impact on your business.

Our brand protection experts will help you maintain your brand identity and realise your intellectual property rights. If an infringement occurs, we’ll respond quickly, providing robust representation.

Intellectual Property Services

Our expert copyright solicitors are well known for advising clients from a range of business sectors…

Ackroyd Legal have developed a global reputation for its provision of high-level IP legal services…

We advise market leaders, start-ups and challenger brands on a variety of issues relating to patents…

We provide a full-service experience, from the acquisition, protection and exploitation of intellectual…

Data protection law deals with how companies and organisations can lawfully use personal data…

Within the UK, design protection law applies to the shape and appearance of an entire product…

Whatever the nature and scope of your business, your domain name will…

The law of malicious falsehood is designed to protect individuals from statements…

Defamation arises if someone publishes a statement about you, your company…

Database rights represent a new and developing area of law. The expert IT and intellectual property…

Ackroyd Legal has developed a global reputation for its provision of high-level IP legal services…

Our dedicated team of intellectual property experts offer practical advice and ongoing support…

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