Divorce Points to Consider For Men

By Carlin Peton

1. Be open, honest and frank with your solicitor.

Your solicitor will be able to advise you adequately from the outset if you are forthcoming with information however sensitive that information may be.

2. Instruct a specialist family law solicitor who is able to advise as well as empathise with you.

3. Get organised and collect documents.

Your solicitor will need to have a picture of your finances with documents to support the figures stated.

4. Consider Mediation.

Mediation can be successful which can save on the need to issue a court application. A trained mediator will endeavour to help you and your spouse come to an agreement, which suits both of you.

5. Put children first.

Keep the children’s best interests at the fore. It will make negotiations with the other spouse much easier and will save on costly lengthy litigation if matters relating to the children are agreed as much as possible. If child maintenance cannot be agreed between you both, enquiries should be made with the Child Maintenance Service and use should be made of their online child maintenance calculator.

6. Be open to negotiate and keep expectations realistic.

You can still stand your ground where necessary.

7. Don’t let problems get in the way

The reasons that led to the divorce are not taken into account when deciding on a financial arrangement between you both in the majority of cases. Therefore, tit for tat over a spouse’s bad behaviour should be avoided.

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