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Ben Posener, Partner and Head of Disputes

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James’s Shepherd Solicitor (Conveyancing)

James is an experienced Solicitor with a career spanning 9 years. His primary areas of practice revolve around Commercial and Residential Property Law, where he has honed his expertise. In addition to property law, he possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge in Probate, Dispute Resolution, Contract, and Family Law.

A Profile of Expertise and Experience

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*James specializes in Commercial and Residential Property Law, focusing on establishing robust client relationships, especially with clients holding diverse property portfolios. He excels in handling a variety of legal work, including refinancing, enfranchisement, and tenancies. His competence extends to proficiently managing Probate Applications, drafting commercial Contracts, resolving disputes, and handling non-contentious Divorce applications.

*James’s educational background is extensive and diverse, encompassing the essential qualifications needed to excel in his field. He holds the degree in Master of Law (LLM), Legal Practice Course (LPC), and a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) from BPP University Law School. It showcases his dedication to continuous learning and professional development.


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