Aidan Dike‑Lawlor​

Mergers & Acquisitions Manager

Aidan Dike‑Lawlor​

Mergers & Acquisitions Manager

Aidan joined Ackroyd Legal in August 2020 initially as a paralegal in the property department before being promoted to the position of Mergers and Acquisitions manager in January 2021.

In this multi-faceted role, Aidan not only supports the expansion of the firm but its day-to-day running including marketing activities and the development of relationships with corporate clients. In addition to his new role, Aidan continues to act on a small number of cases in the property department predominantly on behalf of clients that he built an exceptionally strong rapport within his short time in the property department.


In his role in the M&A department, Aidan finds, contacts and assists with the negotiations when acquiring firms for the group. Aidan’s strong communication skills and persuasiveness have proved to be a real asset in the multitude of activities he undertakes, from corresponding with clients, liaising with other lawyers through to contract negotiations and communicating with both regional and national press; Aidan can be relied on in winning all parties round and ensuring the most beneficial agreement is reached. A consummate problem-solver, Aidan can resolve the most difficult issues that may arise in all areas of the firm with equanimity and initiative alike, he has certainly established himself as the ‘go-to guy’. 


Aidan’s role extends to supporting the Director of Sales and Marketing in both bringing in new business and making systems more efficient for lawyers. Through Aidan’s ability to forge strong relationships, he has been able to get the firm featured in the Guardian and Daily Mail as well as supporting the implementation of new systems and bid writing for tender contracts.

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Merges & Acquisitions, Conveyancing, Corporate Negotiations, and Marketing.


Growing up in the suburbs of West London, Aidan attended the prestigious London Oratory School in Chelsea where he was a Senior Prefect. Aidan played Rugby for the School First XV while Rowing to a high standard notably featuring at Henley Royal Regatta aged 15. Aidan has also been awarded scholarships and a place in the GB development squad for his rowing ability. A natural orator intertwined with a strong intellect has seen Aidan cement his place as an International debater, Aidan’s debating skills have seen him travel extensively both domestically and in Europe, most notably chairing the BERMUN conference in Berlin in March 2020. Aidan’s debating skills have seen him appointed to the leadership team of 6 competitions, as well as winning awards at each of the 17 conferences he has attended as a participant. In his school days, Aidan was also the recipient of the Prime Ministers Award for Public Speaking and a Prize for Politics.

Outside the office

In his spare time, you are most likely to find Aidan in the middle of a football pitch on a Saturday afternoon as a referee, Rowing along the Thames, or his head in a book.

Aidan currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Middlesex FA football Association Youth Council.

What the future holds

Aidan intends on reading History and Politics at Durham University before practicing in the law.



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