Markus Malik

Markus Malik


Markus Malik is Chief Financial Officer of the Ackroyd Legal group of companies.

Markus Malik is a focused corporate and commercial lawyer admitted to the Bar of New York and a Solicitor in England and Wales.

Markus has had 25+ years of Finance and Legal Experience. He has served as the CFO of MetLife Bank and as the Vice President responsible for the sale of retirement and savings products to institutional investors in the US.

When in the US, Markus worked for EDS, in which he was involved in the purchase and build of EDS’ consulting business, where he would work on four acquisitions a month. With his great job, it took the company 12 months to achieve a critical mass and then, Markus became director of that business unit.

He also contributed to a similar strategy for Capgemini in the UK, providing strong knowledge in the Financial Services and Smart Meters sectors.

Since 2017, Markus has practised as a Corporate and Finance lawyer supporting clients in various industry sectors. He has worked on the listing of investment instruments as well as private placement securities. He has also advised on the numerous sales and purchases of business of all shapes and sizes.

His primary experience is in the structuring of investments, particularly when cross border issues are involved. He has been involved in numerous large global transactions and advised on the acquisitions and divestiture of numerous companies.

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Financial Services, Merges & Acquisitions, and Corporate Negotiations.


MBA, London Business School

Juris Doctor, Fordham Law School

LL.M. in Tax Law, Georgetown University

Teaching Experience in the University of Law

Outside the office

Markus enjoys reading in his spare time and is also passionate about movies, specially the British Film Institute.

What the future holds

Proud of being part of Ackroyd Legal, he hopes that the company will continue to expand and become one of the top 100 firms in the country.



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