Party Walls – How To Stay Friends

By Emon Ahmed

Getting along with your neighbours is very important. Whether you prefer to avoid interaction or don’t get along, you will at some point need to rely on the good relations with you neighbours. In times of home renovations, these can often be tested.

This segment will include a step-by-step guide of how to focus on keeping the peace when it comes to Party Walls.

1. First, try explaining the planned works to your neighbour before you hand your notice

Party wall disputes are very common, and we have advised many clients over the years on how to deal with planning disputes. What we gathered is that neighbours like to be told very early about any home renovations that could affect their property.

We highly recommend that you discuss plans for a home renovation with your neighbour before you hand your notice. This is your chance to explain to your neighbours how they will be affected in a calm and friendly way.

You are obligated to give your neighbour a party wall notice at least two months before you begin working on your property. Once you hand your notice your neighbour has 14 days to reply. By speaking to them early, you give them more time and information to make an informed decision.

2. Arrange a friendly lunch

There’s nothing better than good food and hospitality. Invite your neighbours over during the day for coffee or maybe a salad. Set the environment as a friendly and open space for discussing the plans to your property.

Make sure that you don’t come across as aggressive and invite any questions they might have about the works. It’s important that you are transparent and relay the proposed works in a calm and friendly way.

3. Invite them over to see your property

Further to our previous point, your neighbours would feel more comfortable if they knew exactly what was going to happen and how it would affect them. Arrange a meeting by inviting them over to your property and explain the proposed works. Keeping good relations with your neighbours is incredibly important!

Remember, focus on telling them how they will be affected instead of boring them with the mechanics of your build. The plans for your home renovation are important and you should let your neighbour know!

4. Keep calm

If you have a history of disputes with your neighbour, this process can be very frustrating. It’s important to remember that it’s in your best interests to keep matters peaceful with your neighbours.

If you are living with you partner or other individuals who are very composed, its highly advised that you let them handle discussions with your neighbour if the matter gets complicated.

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