Returning to the workplace – new guidance and key employer considerations


Whilst the end of the pandemic seems to be on the horizon, returning to the workplace is beginning again. The attitude to the workplace has shifted since Covid-19 began, with people wanting a more hybrid work balance and those who are eager for routine and the morning commute once again.  

As of July 2021, the status of people ‘working from home if they can’ will no longer apply but the Government has raised safety as a concern and announced that returning to work should be gradual over the summer. This guidance states that employers should consider individual needs when also discussing returning to the workplace.

Below are key aspects of the new guidance in relation to offices returning to work and other considerations employers should be aware of:

  • Frequent cleaning of the workplace
  • Taking steps to improve air flow
  • Ensuring staff who are unwell do not attend the workplace
  • Updating policies on self-isolation and flexible working
  • Staggering times to avoid busy times on public transport
  • Using one-way systems and hand sanitiser

In a continually changing landscape, employers will need to regularly re-assess policies and may decide to retain measures even if there isn’t a legal requirement to do so.

Though both employers and employees may face challenges going forward, there is an opportunity to focus on aspects of work that have been previously overlooked, such as flexible working and wellbeing support.

How we can help

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