Sixty Seconds with our CFO Markus Malik


Markus is the Chief Financial Officer here at Ackroyd Legal, and he has been doing such a great job. 

He has more than 25+ years of experience in Finance and Legal matters. He also has incredible qualifications such as MBA, JD, LLM and CFO. Meet him in our quick Q&A.

What was your first job?

My first job was before the internet was invented at Electronic Data Systems (EDS) which later merged with CSC. My job was to market satellite & communications technology and service specifically aimed at narrowcasting.

What tips would you give to an aspiring solicitor?

I would say qualifying as a lawyer does not mean you are limited to only practicing law. Understanding the legal system gives you the freedom to explore a multitude of different professions but it does set you up to spot issues and to deal with problems creatively.

How was your first year at Ackroyd Legal? And what are the highlights?

My first year at Ackroyd Legal was exciting as we are one of the fastest-growing legal firms around. What we have achieved though has been exceptional – we have acquired a number of companies to grow the group – achieving a grow rate of almost 60%. We have looked into new market segments and a new way of acquiring and delivering legal services. We continue to look for other law firms that want to join us on this journey into the new legal landscape developing in England and Wales.

Do you see Brexit impacting SMEs?

Simply put – if the wider economy is negatively affected then it will have a knock-on impact on call companies irrespective of size. That being said, whatever happens, the business and economic landscape is always changing – whatever the impact those that adjust will grow and thrive. We stand ready to advise all our clients through this challenging time ahead.

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