Aliosman Halil

Senior Partner and Head of Commericial Property

Aliosman Halil

Senior Partner and Head of Commericial Property

Aliosman Halil is a senior partner and the Head of Commercial property at Ackroyd Legal. He has extensive knowledge in commercial and residential property law.

Aliosman’s client portfolio includes but is not limited to, international developers, investment clients with high portfolios, hoteliers, restaurateurs and clients in the hospitality and entertainment sectors.

Along with his experience within the commercial and residential property legal sector, he also continues to act for clients in all matters relating to Will’s, Probate, Trusts and Lasting Power of Attorneys. He understands the needs of each individual and advises accordingly, when it comes to making decisions about your future and the future of your loved ones, Aliosman believes that it is very important to know all your options at your disposal.

Aliosman has worked in various law firms where his commitment and hard work ethic allowed him to become a Partner and manage a firm in the early years of his career. He has really enjoyed this challenge and always looked for opportunities to move forward. In 2015 Mr Halil took over Hutchins and Co Solicitors, despite the economic climate which followed, he has successfully managed all aspects of the firm including financing, development and investment. Through determination and dedication, he has successfully transformed an aged firm into a firm and service fit for the 21st Century.

In recent years, Aliosman Halil brought his firm, team, and management style to join Ackroyd Legal. Together their values and expert knowledge is helping install the values of providing excellence in legal services into the new generation of Solicitors.


Commercial Property, Residential Conveyancing, Development Finance, as well as all aspect of Real Estate Law and Private Clients.

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Aliosman graduated from Kingston University and then studied at the prestigious College of Law in Guildford. 

Outside the office

In his spare time, Aliosman enjoys travelling, he is also an avid sports fan in particular football, basketball, rugby, mixed martial arts and boxing. 

What the future holds

Aliosman intends to continue to expand his specialisms, he also plans to expand his clientele portfolio and continue to provide exceptional service.

He will also continue expanding his team, continue to provide his team members leadership, guidance, support and mentoring.


English and Turkish

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