Akile Halil

HR Director

Akile Halil

HR Director

Akile Halil is HR Director of the Ackroyd Legal group of companies.

Before joining the legal sector, Akile worked as a Client Services Manager for one of the world’s largest blue-chip companies. She led her team to ensure they provided an exceptional level of customer service whilst upholding Company policies and values. She had the honour of working closely with UNICEF and leading ambassadors of the charity. Her role also involved recruiting talent for customer-facing roles.

Since joining the legal sector over 5 years ago, Akile’s aim has been to transfer the skills she acquired during her previous career to the legal profession. She dedicates time and effort to ensure that Ackroyd Legal have the best candidates for our growing Company. Providing exceptional customer satisfaction that is tailored for the individual needs of our clients is the driving force for Akile.

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Human Resources and Customer Relationship Management

Outside the office

Akile is a motivated person who enjoys volunteering for charities and raising funds and awareness. She also enjoys travelling and discovering new places, as well as music and the creative arts.

What the future holds

Akile expects that the Ackroyd Legal group will continue to attract exceptional talent in the future, and that the company will continue to grow with the right candidates and best training strategies.



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