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Disputes can become stressful

Disputes can arise in any situation, from a corporate or commercial setting to trust and asset disputes between families. Each case will have its unique set of variables, making it vital to seek expert legal advice as soon as possible no matter if you are establishing or defending a claim.

At Ackroyd Legal, we have a range of qualified dispute resolution solicitors who have experience in all matters relating to disputes resolution for both individual and commercial clients across a wide range of complex disputes.

Dispute Resolution Solicitors in London

According to a report by the Houses of Parliament, London houses 1,544 businesses per 10,000 residents. And, with a third of UK businesses in London or the South East makes it a hub for commercial and corporate disputes to arise.

Disputes can become a costly hindrance to the growth of your business and one wrong move in the early stages can result in a detrimental result when reaching a resolution. It is, therefore, vital that you seek advice early on to ensure you achieve a positive and cost-effective solution that meets your commercial objectives.

Disputes in London not only arise in business or contract disputes but also between and within families. Our dispute resolution team in London can provide a non-adversarial way of resolving a conflict, which is at times preferable in sensitive family matters.

To provide our clients based in London with peace of mind and accessibility, we have specialist litigation teams in offices-based throughout the capital.

If you are looking for a law firm based in London our offices are based in Aldgate (E1), Soho (W1), Battersea (SW11), Tower Bridge (SE1) and Bank (EC3).

Ackroyd Legal & London

The Ackroyd Legal family has been operating as specialist solicitors in London since 1983 and since then has expanded its legal services throughout the North, West and South of the capital and the UK. We are authorised and regulated by the solicitors regulation authority, and, aim to offer all of our clients looking to resolve a dispute with the best possible legal service that is transparent and provides a cost-effective solution.

How We Can Help

When you choose Ackroyd Legal, you select a firm of knowledgeable specialists that can guide and manage you through all the moving parts of your legal situation.

Business disputes

With the wide variation of businesses in London, disputes can become complicated, and matters may escalate very quickly.

Our London team can help you to bring a claim or defend a claim against your business by providing you with clear and concise legal advice. To ensure that you achieve the best result possible, you must seek legal guidance from the offset.

Property & Land disputes

The capitals property market is as large as it is diverse, with various developments being built to suit different needs. However, your property or land is one of the most valuable assets you can own and at Ackroyd Legal, we are here to protect it.

Property and land disputes can become emotionally and resourcefully taxing if not executed or defended against effectively. Our team believe in taking a commercial approach to all property disputes and finding the way a solution that is likely to deliver desired, timely and cost-effective outcome for our clients.

Speak to a Solicitor

Landlord & tenant disputes

When a dispute does arise between a landlord and their tenant, it can impact on both parties, either business or family life. We will guide you through the options and clearly explain the implications, likely timescales and costs of each potential course of action. Whether you are bringing a claim or seeking to defend a claim made against you.

Either way, we will work with you towards achieving practical and cost-effective conflict resolution as quickly as possible.

Insurance Disputes

Insurance is in place and acquired to ensure peace of mind for either or business or our family. However, at times disputes may arise surrounding the legitimacy of a claim. We can help you challenge a decision, make a claim for payment, or investigate whether you are entitled to receive a death benefit.

Professional Negligence

Our Litigation department works to bring claims against professionals when they get it wrong. In today’s society, we are becoming increasingly dependent on professional advisors to guide us and represent our best interests. Individuals assuming this responsibility must be accountable for their actions and work with reasonable care and skill.

Frequent types of Professional Negligence claim we see:

Financial negligence
Accounting negligence
Legal negligence

Wills, Trusts and Inheritance Disputes

Disputes over Wills, Trusts and Inheritance often occur at times of emotional vulnerability and bringing or defending such claims can become very demanding and stressful exceptionally quickly.

At Ackroyd Legal, we manage disputes regarding wills, trusts and inheritance professionally and alleviate a portion of the burden that may ensue during this difficult time.

Family Dispute Resolution

FDR is a non-adversarial way of resolving arguments or conflicts that may arise in families and does not involve the authorities or use the court system. It can be applied to determine a variety of simple or complex disputes provided that they do not break any laws.

Employment dispute solicitors

Disputes that arise during employment are often resolved through direct negotiations between two parties. At times there is the need for an external mediator or employment solicitor to help deal with the dispute. Our specialist employment lawyers will work with you to actively seek solutions through negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution procedures.

What to expect

Each case is different. The length, the cost and the complexity all depend on nature and conditions that the dispute arises. Our team will help answer any questions you may have and provide you with an estimated date for completion.

To reach a resolution, there are various steps you have to go through during your case:

1. Contact Ackroyd Legal

Contact us via email or by phone to arrange to speak to a member of our dispute resolution team.

2. Investigate your case

We will assess your situation and provide you with clear and concise legal and practical advice.

3. Negotiations

If needed, we will contact the other party in response or demand of response to your matter.

We will work to negotiate a resolution to the dispute possible using forms of alternative dispute resolution.

4. Commence / Defend court proceedings

If the conflict continues, we will prepare the paperwork to commence legal proceedings. Once proceedings have begun, various processes will be completed relating to the dispute by both parties.

5. Mediation / Pre-hearing conference

Before trial, the parties involved will need to attend mediation or a pre-hearing conference.

6. Trial preparation (if the dispute remains unresolved)

If the parties are unable to negotiate a settlement, we will proceed to take the case to trial.

7. Trial and judgment

The Court will set a date for the trial. Once the trial finishes, the judge will review the case and execute judgement.

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