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Italy is based in the Mediterranean coastline, its capital city is Rome, which is the home of ancient ruins. It is home to renaissance art and began the inception of their world-famous cuisine.

Clients value our local knowledge and depth of experience in the Italian market. Whether a deal involves international clients looking to invest in Italy or Italian clients seeking opportunities abroad, we provide clients with the regional and global expertise needed to succeed.

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As an established law firm, we support our clients in achieving their strategies wherever they do business. Our expertise and resources help enable clients to pursue opportunities and manage risk across emerging and developed markets around the world.

Working in Italy for many years, we understand the region, the business practices and the regulatory environment of the countries within it. Our legal teams include both local and international solicitors, combining the benefits of local knowledge, experience and language skills to support our client.

Italian Market Overview

  • Italy is the world’s 8th largest economy with a GDP of $2.18 trillion in 2018
  • SMEs comprise 99% of Italian businesses and produce 68% of Italy’s GDP
  • In 2018 the country was the 19th largest market for U.S exports which totalled around $23.2 billion and is the fourth largest export market in the EU.

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At Ackroyd Legal we provide legal services at the highest quality. We have friendly and experienced solicitors who understand Italian law to the highest level and can navigate investors effectively through the Italian marketplace.

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