Natalie Sonn

Business Director for Hampshire Region

Natalie Sonn

Business Director for Hampshire Region

Natalie Sonn is Business Director for the Hampshire Region.

Natalie is a highly experienced individual with key skills in maintaining financial schedules, forecasting, budgeting, and strategy development operations. Furthermore, she is known to be an efficient and approachable communicator. Professionals from different departments love to collaborate with her so that they can collectively fulfil daily operational needs.

Leveraging a performance-driven approach, she carefully analyses actual results against expected performances and communicates areas for improvement. This allows her to help the company gain substantial improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Cycling through a series of diverse environments, she has become particularly well-versed in developing and maintaining the continuity of operational procedures and emergency response plans. She has helped her previous company to attain the highest level of performance, making it rank in the ‘top 10 category’.

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Employee Development, Business Growth, Mental Health First Aid

Outside the office

Natalie enjoys spending time with her family when she is not working. She enjoys outdoor activities with her children and dog, and they like travelling and going for walks together.

What the future holds

Natalie’s goal is to help establish the business and brand throughout the South in order to expand the customer base and bring on more businesses.


British Sign Language

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