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On average the typical worker in London spends 38.9 years of their life working, this is the equivalent to nearly 14,200 days.

A huge part of our lives is spent working, and it is important to ensure a safe, anti-discrimination and anti-harassment working environment. Disagreements at work can cause stress, stress can boil over into other aspects of your life such as your personal life, worries relating to money and stability. Overall, disagreements at work can create an uncomfortable environment and can lead you to feel isolated as an issue has been brought up.

Common areas that employment solicitors deal with are:

  • Workplace grievances- A problem which you raise within your workplace for example your workload, work environment or colleagues.
  • Disciplinary proceedings- Used by employers to deal with problems in regards to a person’s work or behaviour, for example, poor performance
  • Unfair Dismissal- When you feel as though the grounds for your dismissal was unfair, instances such as not being given proper notice for termination or unjustified termination.
  • Constructive dismissal- is being forced to resign from your job because of the conduct of your employer, which must constitute a serious breach of your contract of employment
  • Redundancy – being dismissed as because the role you were in is no longer needed.
  • Settlement Agreements- a detailed recording that the employee and employer relationship has come to an end.

With many years of experience, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to seek legal advice Ackroyd Legal can help you in a stress-free and confidential manner. Our Employment Law specialist team can also cover aspects such as rights, duties, legislation, statutory authorities and regulations of conduct.

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Employment law is an important aspect as it is in place to protect your rights within the workforce it prevents discrimination, promotes health and safety.  You can be assured that working with us, you’ll gain access to a full service of employment legal expertise from our team of dedicated employment law solicitors help you get from where you are to where you need to be.

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Our focus on our clients & straightforward legal advice means that we can guarantee outstanding legal service every time.

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Ackroyd Legal family has been operating as specialist solicitors in London since 1983 and since then has expanded its legal services throughout the North, West and South of the capital and the UK. We aim to offer all of our clients the best possible employment  legal service as we grow as a company from London to UK and across the globe, we always maintain exceptional client care and expert legal advice.

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