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Our London Family Law Solicitors have built a reputation in London for being professional and proactive in the approach to securing results for their clients.

Statistics show 60% of marriages in London are expected to end in divorce by the 20th wedding anniversary.

The legal aspects of dealing with family law issues can be complicated, difficult to understand and at times emotionally draining. This is why you must have an expert solicitor by your side that can effectively protect your position.

Ackroyd Legal’s family law department in London can offer legal advice in any area of family law.

Family is often a central focus for most people. This makes the difficulties of a relationship breakdown challenging to tackle such as sorting arrangements, for living, children and finance. Our solicitors use appropriate and effective legal processes to handle your family’s matter, ensuring you the best outcome for your present and future.

Our family law team are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and offer the highest quality legal advice. We take this fact exceptionally seriously, and our teams are continuously attending industry collaborations events or frequenting courses to help our clients in situations that arise in family law.

Our London Family solicitors have years of experience and can help with all legal aspects of cases involving:

Cohabitation Agreements

These types of agreements offer couples who are not married or in a civil partnership the opportunity to protect themselves and their assets before moving in together.
If you are thinking of moving in with your partner anytime soon, it may be worth speaking to one of our team to see how a Cohabitation Agreement can help you.


If you are considering a divorce, our solicitors will take great care in ensuring your matters are handled with sensitivity and in the best way possible. Your specialist family solicitor can advise you on non-confrontational dispute resolution which avoids costly and time-consuming court proceedings.
Our solicitors are experienced in helping couples reach decisions about the arrangements for children and the division of assets. It is incredibly important because its purpose is to mitigate any potential adverse effects of the divorce. Handling such matters with care and sensitivity is a top priority for our divorce solicitors. Our solicitors in London and the UK are centrally based and offer high quality and cost-effective legal advice.

Domestic Violence

Our team has had specific training and experience with domestic violence. It has allowed members of the team to help victims attain protection from future harm and also act against abusers. If you have an immediate risk, we can move quickly to apply for non-molestation orders, so you are legally safeguarded. If you are in danger, it is important that the first call is to to the authorities to ensure your safety. As your solicitors, we can then act to reach a resolution to ensure your safety protection.


For separating couples, there are options to reach a resolution outside of court; one route includes mediation. Mediation in England and Wales means that trained mediators will explore resolving disputes in a neutral setting, saving costly and time-consuming court proceedings.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law, like mediation, allows for amicable solutions for separations to be achieved outside of court. It is a dispute resolution process where clients and their representation can enter into a contract that can negotiate a result without using litigation.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements can protect your assets or complexities, such as your children or businesses. While UK courts recognise prenuptial agreements, they also still have the ultimate discretion to ignore any agreement reached.

Child Arrangements

Our solicitors at Ackroyd Legal are also experts in dealing with matters that involve children. We cover areas including child arrangement orders, surrogacy, child abduction. We are located across London and the UK making it easier for you to access our services.

Divorce and Wealth

Our solicitors also specialise in large and complex divorce cases concerning high-net-worth individuals. We can help guide you through issues such as business assets, on and offshore assets, inherited wealth and spousal maintenance. If you have business interests, you must seek the guidance of a top divorce solicitor to ensure that your wealth is protected. At Ackroyd Legal, we aim to simplify the divorce process, and it may be that you and your partner can reach an agreement through mediation without the court. Our solicitors can also help you successfully challenge your divorce settlement.

Specialist Family Law advice in London

In the event that you may experience one of the situations mentioned please do not hesitate to pop into one of our London offices, or call to speak with our team. We have experienced, professional and approachable family solicitors who can assist you in putting the legal protections in place for your next chapter, whatever that might be.

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Working with us, you’ll gain access to a full service legal to help you get from where you are to where you need to be.

At Ackroyd Legal, we pride ourselves on providing access to high-quality legal services delivered by experienced, expert and friendly solicitors.

Who will help to ease your mind and handle your case in a stress-free manner? Our focus on our clients and straightforward legal advice means that we can guarantee outstanding legal service every time.

Ackroyd Legal and London

The Ackroyd Legal family has been operating as expert legal advisers in London since 1983 and since then has expanded its legal services throughout the North, West and South of the capital and the UK. We aim to offer all of our clients the best possible family law service as we grow as a company from London to the UK and across the globe, we always maintain exceptional client care and expert legal advice.

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